Home insurance for your house or condo in Rayong!


A home insurance is important to have. It protects you and your family, your belongings and property.



We help you with the work to help you get your new insurance.

Our cost for this is:



If you have our payment service:
• New insurance - 900 THB
• Renew your old insurance - 400 THB


For those of you who do not have our payment service:
• New insurance - 1,000 THB
• Renew your old insurance - 500 THB


Home Solution Services helps you when an accident occurs.
If an accident occurs, we are here to help you with the direct contact with the insurance company and alos to coordinates so that any damage will be repaired as soon as possible.


Time Cost of Home Solution Services staff.
In addition to the cost of the actual services / products, the cost of our staff is charged at THB 500 per hour. If  3 hours or more, the price is 400 baht per hour. 

Home insurance from 4,000 THB per year.

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