Install mosquito doors- and windows.

Are you annoyed you by mosquitoes and other insects in your house or condo here in Ban Phe area?

There are different solutions for this. One of the best solutions is mosquito doors and mosquito windows. Home Solution Services has now begun install this to our customers in the Ban Phe area.

On this page you can see the procedure when a mosquito door is installed.

The finished mosquito doors are delivered to

Rayong Condochain.

The mosquitodoor is put in place

  • In this example, the owner in this Rayong Condochain condo ordered 3 mosquito doors to his 3 balconies.
  • Our Staff from Home Solution Services was on site and opened up the apartment and watched the final result.
  • Photos were sent to the owner on the same day.

How does it work?


  1. You ask for a proposal to get mosquito doors- or windows installed.
  2. We will then go to your house or condo and get sizes of windows and doors measured. After this we will send you a quote and invoice
  3. You accept the quotation and send payment for the invoice.
  4. The mosquito doors or windows are manufactured
  5. The installation of mosquito doors or windows with staff from Home Solution Services present.
  6. We will send you a report with pictures

The balcony door before installation!

Making sure it's in the right position!

Mosquitodoor installed!


Contact us if you are ready to order mosquito doors or windows, or if you have any questions.