Renovate your house or condo!


It's affordable!
Renovation in Thailand is not what we are used to from the western world; the price level is quite different! What a renovation or remodeling cost obviously depends on the extent and what standard you are looking for. As a rough rule of thumb, you can expect a price that is 1/3 - 1/4 of the price of similar renovation in Europe


Many choices!

Rayong and our neighbour province Chonburi offers many choices when it comes to materials and appliances for yoiur house or condo.

Bathroom from Royal Rayong

A renovation of your bathroom can include:
- New wall and floor tiles
- New shower area with glass blocks or a safety-glass wall.
- New water heater and shower set
- New WC
- A granite or formica bench
- New sink and tap.
- New ceiling with down lights.



Furniture in rattan

Furniture and decoration
We offer a variety of furniture in different natural ans synthetic materials.


Two of the largest furniture's companies in Thailand are called SB Furniture and Index. Both offer modern and trendy furniture with satisfactory quality. Get inspiration and ideas on SB Furniture's website and the Index's website for your new home. Both companies have stores in Rayong town.


Ikea Thailand is located in Bangna area in Bangkok.

See what they can offer on their website.


IKEA Catalogue


Contact us we can help with your shopping at IKEA Bangkok.

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Kitchen from Casa Seaside

The important kitchen
Many houses and condos in Thailand do not have a westen standard kitchens. The reason is that in Thailand people eat away from home on a much larger scale than in western countries.

If you are looking to build a new kitchen in western standards, we can offer kitchens in many different solutions, sizes and color combinations. Perfect to cook breakfast in the morning or cook lunch or a delicious dinner.


Kitchen from Rayong Condochain

Install a new kitchen.

We can offer great prices on built in kitchens with western standard.


A kitchen renovation may include the following:

  • Built in kitchen with under and over cabinets.
  • A built in closet combined with the kitchen.
  • Built in space for refrigerator and microwave.
  • New sink and tap.
  • Stove and stainless steel hood.
  • Oven or microwave.

The kitchens we offer are built "made to order" so you can take part in designing the kitchen.


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