On the top of Ban Phe

On top of Ban Phe On top of Ban Phe

If you are looking to get a panorama view of Ban Phe and Samet and the ocean, you should check out the mountain with the antennas on top. Its on the left hand side as you arrive on Sukhumvit rd to turn right for Ban Phe - see my map.

Try it by motor bike or as we did by mountain bike. Its a 7 km ride mostly up... Its a very hard ride to get to the top (I will make it to the top without walking next time...). I went there with Rayong Bike tour. Today there where 1 Swedish and 4 French guys in the group. See them on facebook -


We start at Lucky Friends
Koh Samet and Mae Ramphueng beach in the distance
Joe, Jean-Pierre and Cyril
VIP condo and Royal Rayong in the distance

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